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How I (almost) had sex with a woman

A bisexual foursome, a female orgasm, and pushing my limits

So there we lay, all of us cuddling naked together . . .  Credit: Indiana Joel/Daily Xtra

I bumped into the power bottom supreme of Seattle at a bar in Vancouver. I’d chatted with Alan online when I’d been down in Seattle a month earlier and met his boyfriend at a brunch. But I’d never had a chance to fuck him — though I think most of the gay world has. This boy would take several loads a day with a few fists thrown in.

I was pleasantly surprised to see him so I invited him back to my place to spend the night. He was reluctant at first, as he had a hotel room downtown and I lived on the east side, but he agreed to come over on one condition: I had to also fuck him in the morning. Oh well. I guess I had to agree.

I fucked him, we slept, and in the morning, as promised, I mounted him as he lay half asleep, saw his head nod with his eyes only partly open, and had my way with him. After that, we went onto my balcony to have a smoke, and I added him on Facebook.

Oh! We had some mutual friends already. One of the mutual friends was a Vancouver guy I’d never actually met but friended for professional reasons. He’s an orange hanky guy, Alan told me. My eyes lit up! This mutual friend, Lance, was pretty cute and I had wanted to send him a sexual message. So, right there and then, I sent Lance a message to confirm he’s an orange hanky guy. He told me he was indeed.

Lance and I chatted a bit and he told me he was having a play party at his home in two weeks and I was welcome to come. There was a catch, though. It wasn’t a sex party for gay men. It was a sex party for anyone. Gay, straight, bi, men, women, trans, cis.

Hmmmmm. I’d been going to lots of sex parties but it had always been men. The thought of having women around me when I have sex was a bit disturbing. So, true to my constant desire to push my limits, I told Lance I’d love to come.

He was genuinely surprised. He told me most gay guys turn his invites down because they don’t like the idea of women being there. He was a little impressed.

Two weeks came around and I was getting excited. Everyone was to meet in the back room of a bar near his place and hang out there for a while, drinking and dancing. So I did just that. Almost as soon as I entered, a cute guy in his 20s came up and told me he loved my beard. He asked permission to play with it and I said of course. As he played with my beard, admiring how soft it was, our faces got closer and closer together until we started making out.

After a minute, we stopped, introduced ourselves (his name was Mike) and I asked him if he’d be at Lance’s later. He said he’d be there and we said we’d make out more once we got to the party. Only a minute later, I started talking to two girls, Diana and Liz. We talked about mundane stuff and Diana mentioned her boyfriend was here too and pointed over at Mike! Diana immediately piped in — it was okay, she saw me making out with Mike. They’re both bi and in an open relationship. It’s all cool.

A little while later, we all went up to Lance’s place. There were probably 50 people in all. It was a very social atmosphere. Most people just stood around drinking and socializing. Mike and I spent a lot of the time together. At one point, we ended up on the balcony to smoke. I took his cock out and started sucking on it while others sat or stood around chatting. He took mine out and started to suck it too.

Next to us,a very straight guy on his phone tried to convince a friend to come over: “Dude, there’s a guy next to me blowing another dude — it’s totally crazy over here!”

Eventually, Mike and I went our own ways and I played with some of the other guys there. People were off in the bedrooms, doors wide open, just going at it. I bumped into Diana and inquired where Mike had gone. Apparently, he and Liz had gotten too drunk and passed out in one of the beds.

Bummer! I’d wanted to go further with Mike but I guess it was over.

As night turned to day, the apartment cleared out. A few people were going to sleep there so Diana and I grabbed adjacent sofas and fell asleep. A few hours later, I woke up, horny as heck again. Diana was only half asleep, so she got up too. I asked her if we should go crawl into bed with Mike and Liz and she said that was a good idea, so we went into the bedroom. Mike and Liz woke up as we opened the door.

Mike and Liz were laying there naked so Diana and I took off our clothes and crawled into bed. It was about 10 in the morning, there were no curtains, and the sun was streaming in. Not only that, we could clearly see into the apartments across the street.

So there we lay, all of us cuddling naked together. I spooned Mike, Mike spooned Diana, and Diana spooned Liz. A gay guy, a bi guy, a bi girl, and . . . I’m not sure what Liz’s sexuality is but she definitely liked girls.

I was completely hard pressed up again Mike and I could see he was too. He asked Diana if he could fuck her and she said yes. So while we all remained spooning, he slipped it in her and began to thrust back and forth. Liz turned around and began to make out with Diana and caress her breasts (I’m totally out of my depth here — I’m assuming that’s a more erotic word than boobs!). I got up on my knees, and pointed my cock in the direction of Mike’s mouth and he began to suck it. Diana turned her head and reached up to stroke my beard.

Wow. He’s fucking her, while he blows me and the other girl plays with her breasts and clit. I’m in a foursome — with two girls! I shot my load into Mike’s mouth and he swallowed every last drop. Moments later, Diana began to convulse. Mike pulled his cock out of her and came. We then all lay back down holding each other.

“Hmmmmm. So, I have an awkward question. Was that a female orgasm?” I asked.

They all laughed. Indeed, Diana had had an orgasm. So that’s what it was like!

I reached over and played with Mike’s softening cock a bit more. I’m ashamed to admit it but when no one else was looking, I took a sniff of my hand. Nothing. It smelled like nothing. Turns out girls aren’t as icky as I thought they’d be.

We all got up, got dressed, and took the Skytrain together to our respective homes. I thanked Lance for an awesome time (oh yes, I’d fucked him that night too).

I had pushed my boundaries and it was fine. In fact, it was a lot of fun. There was something arousing about having a guy blow me in front of his girlfriend, especially as he fucked her. Again, something I’d only ever seen in porn.

This reinforced my desire to keep trying new things and not let any hang-ups hold me back. Maybe one day I’ll actually have sex with a woman!

Okay, just kidding there.