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How To Be a Lesbian in 10 Days’ authour responds to forced cancellation

Satire! It’s simultaneously the most omnipresent form of comedy, the hardest to define, and the hardest to competently pull off. And considering how it’s becoming increasingly present in our culture, the ability to distinguish satire is a skill you desperately need, else you turn into one of those people who share stories from The Onion as if they were real. 

Such was the case with Leigh Hendrix, authour of the play How To Be a Lesbian in 10 Days. Now, most people would take one look at that title and rightfully assume that it was satire. Simple as that, right?

So of course, South California lawmakers lobbied to have the play cancelled, fearing that it would be used to recruit people to lesbianism. Some would call such a thing “gay propaganda,” but I’m sure that’s completely different.

Anyway, Hendrix — as her character, Butchy McDyke — has since responded to the asinine cancellation, pointing out that it was a) satire and b) you cannot recruit someone into being a lesbian.