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How to be selfie-less

Comedian Phillip Henry wants you to save an insecure gay man from him-selfie

As a community, we’re faced with an epidemic that affects thousands of lives every day: #gayselfie.

“Will you help an insecure gay man today?” asks gAySPCA founder Phillip Henry. “Every day, thousands of gay men do not leave the house until their daily selfie gets enough likes for them to feel secure.”

Henry promises that if you join gAySPCA you can make a difference. The organization provides gay men with likes and retweets of their selfies, helping them get over themselves and get out of the house. You’ll receive a photo of the gay man you help . . . one of the thousands from his iPhone . . .

This absolutely perfect parody video of the infamous ASPCA PSA against animal cruelty (cruel itself for playing incessantly during commercial breaks and making me cringe every time I hear “Arms of the Angel”) is brought to you by New York comedian Phillip Henry.

Gay men’s selfies are something I love to hate, but I’d just like to say my concern about selfies comes from a place of love and worry, and Henrys video isn’t so far off the mark. Maybe a “selfie-help book” could be in the works next for the young comedian.