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How to lose your gay following

If you're Barack Obama, you pick the incredibly divisive Rick Warren to speak at your inauguration (Mr. President, our honeymoon is ovah!). As the leader of one of America's biggest megachurches, Warren insists he's no homophobe but his campaigning against gay marriage makes actions more important than words:

If you're Brit singer Lily Allen, you do a jazzy cover of Britney Spears' "Womanizer."  I like it myself but when I think of the Britney fans I know, Lily's playing with fire!

If you're the producers of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" back in the 80s, you refuse to film a gay-friendly script from veteran writer David Gerrold (I once did an article for fab on the whole saga). Now the fanboys behind the low-budget homage series "Star Trek: Phase II" are finally bringing Gerrold's story to life this weekend. The After Elton site has a sweet clip.

If you're Rufus Wainwright, you make a joke about the equivalence of marrying another man or a dog, who cares? But, since you love and want to keep your gay following, you then clarify your remarks and mend fences. Oh Rufus — I could never stay mad at you!