Love Like Mine
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How to submit your essay to Love Like Mine

Credit: Jade Zhang/Xtra

Remember that moment you traced someone’s jaw so you could later revisit the memory of their face? Remember the first time you held another girl’s hand or the time your parent told you they love you just the way you are? Remember when you were relieved that the two men were still alive at the end of the movie? Remember that moment when you first realized that yes, this is my love story?

The editors of “Love Like Mine” want your essays about queer love in all its forms — romantic, familial, platonic and more.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Completed essays that take us to a particular moment in time that you’ve experienced the sweetness, power and/or resilience of LGBTQ2 love. Essay must not be previously published online or in print.
  • A personal voice/tone. Write in your own voice, but please no journal entries or academic papers. We want readers to reflect and relate to your story.
  • Vivid storytelling. Be clear and descriptive. Provide context and anecdotes. Situate it in the world.
  • Scenes and characters. Show, don’t tell. Let us see what happened, where it happened, and how it happened.
  • Your piece should run about 1,000 words. Attach to your email as an MS Word compatible doc or a Google doc.
  • No pseudonyms for author. We do, however, accept using other names for characters.
  • Check out the column and read the kind of stories we published.

Here are some of Love Like Mine pieces we love:

Dating in the age of HIV stigma/ Kevin Connery

One love story told two ways/ Dylan Morrison, Rowan Morrison

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Why coming out as bisexual was an act of self-love/ Eleanor Wilson

How my bisexual big sister blazed a path for me/ Hannah Moskowitz

Ready to share your #QueerLove with the world? We’re excited to read it! Send submissions to We’ll confirm receipt of the piece within a week and you will hear from us whether it’s yes or no.