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How we won the gay rights debate

Well, it's not completely over, of course — there are still hate crimes, still people in the closet, still families turfing out their gay children out onto the street — but some days, you just have to sit back and see how homosexuality is accepted in a way almost unthinkable in the 1970s.

We've got rappers apologizing to us and a straight writer in a US political magazine asking right-wingers point-blank:

"Why, given the myriad ways that our society
and culture diverge from the long list of archaic norms, practices, and
beliefs upheld in the Bible, does homosexuality inspire such anxiety,
even panic? What are you afraid of?"

We've got actor Ryan Reynolds cheerfully joking in an interview, "I'm not gay, but I'm thinkin' about it," and we've got John McCain's daughter Meghan easily reconciling her conservative politics with an acceptance of gay marriage:

And, best of all, we have the next generation — the ones I like to call "those kids today" — like Vermont teen James Neiley, who rocked the Senate house voting on gay marriage with this great speech:

I'm sure I'll have some homophobic crap to mock tomorrow but for now, the kids are alright!