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Human head found in Montreal is Lin Jun’s

Chinese student was dismembered and his body parts posted across the country

Jun's murder -- and subsequent dismemberment -- was filmed and posted online.
UPDATE: Wed, July 4 — Montreal police confirmed July 4 that the human head found in Parc Angrignon is, in fact, Lin Jun’s.
While the police say that they got a tip leading to the park, they are refusing to comment as to whether the tip came from Luka Magnotta, the man accused of killing Jun.
The information brought the police to the secluded park on the morning of Canada Day.
With the remains found, one of the more unsettling questions surrounding the case is closed.
The family of the victim has been informed that Jun’s head has been found.
While it’s not known whether Jun’s family is still in Montreal, a media officer with the Montreal police confirmed that they were updated on the find.

July 1 — Lin Jun’s body may finally be put to rest.

Jun was the victim of a brutal crime that has garnered worldwide attention, fascination and disgust. His murder — and subsequent dismemberment — was filmed and posted online. Parts of his body were mailed across Canada — with pieces being sent to the headquarters of the Liberal and Conservative parties as well as to two Vancouver schools. The following weeks involved an international manhunt for the man thought to be responsible for the crime.
There is now speculation that human remains found in a west-end Montreal park may be Jun’s missing head.
Police have indicated that it was a tip involving Jun’s murder that led them to the park. Prosecutors in the case had emphasized the importance of finding the head — to both the family and the case.
While Jun’s family was in Montreal for weeks following the discovery of their son’s body, it’s unclear whether they are still in the city.
It’s possible that Luka Magnotta — charged with the murder — gave police the location of Jun’s head in exchange for something from the Crown.
The head seems to have been the only missing body part, although the victim’s penis may also be unaccounted for. Police were not clear about its possible location when asked but suggested that it may have been discarded near the murder location or eaten by the killer.

Magnotta is scheduled to return to court sometime in March to face a preliminary hearing. He is pleading not guilty, and is forgoing a psychiatric assessment.  

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