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Hungry for meat?

Check out these two videos filmed by Steamy Window Productions, the production company co-founded by Xtra's former scene stud and blogger Sean Horlor! The videos are for GuySpy, and here's what the social networking site had to say about them:

GuySpy wants to help you get ready for BBQ season!
To honor the summer tradition of outdoor dining and topless hunks in short shorts juggling red plastic cups of frosty draught beer, the team at GuySpy decided to shoot a couple of fun videos. ‘We wanted to capture the essence of summer and couple that with the playful fantasy boy fever that seems to take over every year as the sun comes out and the days get longer,’ said Morris Chapdelaine, executive editor at GuySpy. ‘Teaming up with Steamy Window Productions to shoot these videos was an easy choice and the tasty guys we found…well, you’ll just have to see for yourself!’ Check the videos out today and then head ton and register for FREE access to thousands of hot guys- near you, or near where you plan to be.

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I definitely prefer the sexy corn video to the sexy meat video. I like my meat in a pair of Calvin Kleins — leave the cows alone! The hardcorncore vid features 1181 hotties Riley Cox and Todd Hoye. My oh my, Todd sure can take a mouthful. . .