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Hunk du Jour among “overtly sexual” apps banned by Apple

Last week we wrote about a new policy at Apple’s App Store that has led to the deletion of many “overtly sexual” apps.

In an email to developers of rejected sexy apps, Apple said: “We have recently received numerous
complaints from our customers about this type of content, and have
changed our guidelines appropriately." reports that Apple removed over 5,000 apps between Feb 17 and 20. Prior to Feb 17, Apple removed about 100 apps per day from the App Store.  

One of the deleted apps is Hunk du Jour, which features photos of sexy guys from The app’s creators are outraged — they say the photos are as tame as anything you’d see in Entertainment Weekly or People magazine.

Apple has so far been quiet about the policy, simply saying that they’re “responding to customer complaints about objectionable content.” Techcrunch slams Apple for their censorship:

"Apple is now one of the world’s largest gatekeepers to content, with a
store that encompasses music, video, applications, and soon, books and
magazines. And it’s shown before that it’s a totally inconsistent hypocrite
when it comes to which content it’s willing to sell. Have exposed
breasts in an R rated move? Sell it! Jiggling boobs in a silly iPhone
application? Banned. Apple previously blocked an iPhone application
that allowed users to access the Kama Sutra.
What happens if it gets too many complaints about iTunes making it too
easy to purchase books and magazines with sexual content?"

Apple has not directly addressed the claims, but it makes you wonder: how long until Apple removes gay cruising app Grindr?  

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