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Hunx for teacher

RADICAL INTERRUPTION. “Our indie, DIY-punk aesthetic is incredibly important to us and is 100 percent still the same,” says Le Tigre’s JD Samson, despite signing with Universal and selling a song to Telus for a TV ad. Credit: Image by Xtra files

Le Tigre’s all-ages appearance on Mon, Oct 25 at Guvernment has two great opening acts.

Gravy Train is a raunchy queercore electro-punk-rap quartet from Oakland, CA. It’s fronted by brazen smut rappers Chunx and Funx, with mouthy boy backup dancers, Hunx and Junx. Look for food, fucking and perversion – jerking off into hot dog buns, fucking hamburgers, the regrettable loss of Chunx’s signature “gazoyngas” to a diet, and the story of why Hunx won’t get it on with Chunx: “I thought you liked it that way!/ Naw, bitch, I’m gay!” Expect the best in sleazy aerobic dance and plenty of dry-humping onstage as they wail material from their latest 12″ Ghost Boobs (KRS), 2003’s Hello Doctor LP (KRS) and the “menz” EP (2001, SPAM).

Cannonball Jane, aka Sharon Hagopian, is an elementary school music teacher by day, an electro-punk-pop darling by evening. With Street Vernacular, her 2003 self-released debut, Hagopian expertly mixes beats, keys and chords with her crisp and husky vocals, delivering divine lo-fi dance revolution with tracks like “Hey! Hey! Alright!” and “Slumber Party.”