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Hydrochloric acid, entrapment and mixed-orientation relationships

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Man tries to switch acid for lube at Sydney gay sex club

A 62-year-old man has been arrested and charged with attempting to administer a poison after he was caught trying to switch hydrochloric acid for lube at a Sydney gay sex club. The club had alarms on the dispensers because of previous tampering problems, and no one was injured.

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Ontario activist files human rights complaint over blood donation

Ontario gay activist Christopher Karas is asking the Canadian Human Rights Commission to strike down the one year abstinence period before men who have sex with men can give blood. A similar suit was ended by the Ontario Superior Court in 2010, but Karas’ lawyers say the case may go differently in front of a human rights court.

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Putin opponent targeted with gay partner photo hacks

A female Russian opposition parliamentary candidate has had naked photos hacked from her partner’s cell phone and displayed by pro-Kremlin media. This is the second of Putin’s female political opponents this year to be targeted with a shaming sex sting.

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Study: Bisexual men make better straight lovers

According to an Australian researcher, straight women rate bisexual men as better lovers, and better potential fathers. The study is an attempt to better understand “mixed orientation relationships.”

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Middle East police turn to social media to arrest gays

The internet has been a portal for gay men around the world to meet and connect, but has also turned into a tool to hunt them down. This week an 18 year old Polish man was arrested in Qatar for being gay based on his Instagram photos, while Egyptian police entrapped gay men using Grindr.