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I beg to differ

This week’s issue of The Hill Times hit the stands yesterday, and it was time again for their 17th annual “Best-Dressed, Politically Savvy Survey.” And despite it being an unscientific survey of 101 MPs, staffers and “politicos of all stripes,” some of their conclusions have a lot to be desired.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that there are a few entries on this list that must have been either made ironically or in jest, otherwise I feel that perhaps there is something very, very wrong on the Hill.

For example – Megan Leslie scoring number three on sexiest female MP (11%), and number three on best dressed female MP (8%)? Seriously? In what universe is a coral pink dress with dark blue tights in the realm of best dressed? Granted, that is but one egregious example, but she is a habitual terrible dresser. Unless I have inadvertently stumbled into Bizarro World, there is something very wrong with the belief that she is anywhere near approaching best dressed.

In the article, Leslie complained that some Conservatives have chastised her for her looks, specifically that she dared to bare her arms in the House. It’s not the fact that you wear colour that’s a problem – it’s that you wear colours that clash horribly. And while I can deal with the bare arms (provided they’re toned) that she got bawled out for, I can just about imagine what the entire ensemble looked like, and I shudder to think.

Incidentally, topping the worst dressed female list is NDP MP Libby Davies (15%), but I will say that for a woman of her size and body shape, Davies actually dresses fairly well. They also rated Liberal MP (and certified diva) Hedy Fry as number four on the worst dressed list (7%), but I think that whoever cast those votes is obviously ensembley-challenged.

Sexiest male MP went to Peter MacKay (23%), Justin Trudeau (16%) and Maxime Bernier (15%), which are all choices that I can’t argue with too much. Best dressed male MP went to Maxime Bernier (25%), Liberal MP Scott Brison (18%) and Peter MacKay (9%).

Brison also scored number two for hippest MP (6%), tying with Megan Leslie. Justin Trudeau topped out at 10%.

There was also another call that should rate among the “ironic” or joke entries, which was in the male MP best hair list. While I will give full snaps to Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez and Justin Trudeau for taking the number one and two spots at 20% and 10% respectively, but having Stephen Harper take number three at 6%? Seriously. Seriously?! That unmoving rug was even near the contender list for best hair? How the hell did that happen? It physically hurts my brain to think about the ramifications about that.

(While you can find the article here, you’ll have to find and pick up the print edition to get the actual survey results.)