Toronto Diary
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I can’t leave this city for one week…

Updated at 2:06pm 

I’m finally back from a week of hard partying in Montreal — seriously, my body is about 80% alochol and 50% poutine right now — and what do I find when I come home? Something stinks, Toronto.

In a world where poverty, disease, famine, and flagrant abuses of human rights are a day-to-day reality, why is it that all Torontonians can seem to talk about is the douchebag who got himself punched at a MuchMusic Video Awards afterparty this weekend? Perez Hilton is begging for our sympathy, claiming that the Black Eyed Peas singer sicked one of his security guards on him, just because Hilton called him a “fucking faggot.” GLAAD quickly denounced Hilton’s homophobic language, but has yet to award a GLAAD Award for standing up to Hilton’s gaybashing. Hilton quickly denounced GLAAD back, with the disturbing suggestion that homophobic slurs are an acceptable nonviolent response to intimidating situations. That’s not all, after the melee, Hilton urged his million-plus Twitter followers to flood Toronto’s Police call lines to order help. Screw public safety, Hilton’s a minor celebrity!

Of course, that’s not all that’s going on within our borders. Toronto’s civic workers have been on strike since Monday morning, cancelling garbage pickup and closing community centres, island ferry service, and civic buildings and museums. The Globe reports that there’s no hope the strike will be over by the end of the week, but the Star insists that the Pride Parade will go on, regardless of week-old garbage rotting in the Yonge Street heat. The raising of the Pride flag at City Hall Monday morning was cancelled, however, as City Hall was closed.

UPDATE: I’ve just received word that The Beach Ball, which was supposed to happen Saturday at Hanlan’s Point (a city park on the Island) has been cancelled postponed to the Labour Day Weekend. This may be good news for Aqua, the rival gay beach party scheduled for the same day, which is happening at Sunnyside Pavillion and doesn’t rely on the ferry, and also just announced Kelly Rowland as the headlining performer.

As if that weren’t enough to put a crimp in Pride celebrations, LCBO workers are threatening to walk off the job tomorrow too! Better stock up on your hard liquor just incase. You’ll still be able to get beer at The Beer Store, and Ontario wines will still be available at The Wine Rack in the event of a strike, however.

Tonight, make sure you check out local queer comedian extraordinaire Shawn Hitchins in his comedy cabaret HOMOgenius, playing at Buddies in Bad Times at 8pm. See you there!