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I Feel Love: Goodbye Donna Summer

The woman behind the moans of “Love To Love You Baby” and the swooping vocals of “I Feel Love” has danced her last dance.

Donna Summer passed away Thursday, reportedly from cancer. She was 63.

Summer with composer Giorgio Moroder

Summer’s big breakthrough came in 1975 when "Love To Love You Baby" was released on Casablanca Records. The song became such a dancefloor hit that it was re-released on her album as a 17-minute disco opus, arguably one of the first extended disco edits ever released. Summer continued to work with Moroder, and with the release of “I Feel Love” solidified her reputation as a disco queen.

The sound of her voice on disco dancefloors also helped cement her image as a gay icon. Unfortunately, due to rumours that she had pronounced anti-gay sentiments, she lost her biggest fan base for a while during the ‘80s. The rumours were later disproven.

For many, Summer will always be the Queen of Disco. Long live the Queen.

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