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I felt sorry for Sarah Palin

Upon being chosen the US Republican VP nominee weeks ago, Sarah Palin became an overnight celebrity…and instant punchline. There's numerous impersonations of her (like the hilarious Sara Benincasa or the sexy Gina Gershon), "Bourne" hero Matt Damon says he's terrified of her, Barney's creative director Simon Noonan says, "She is so LensCrafters" (burn!) and even the lovely Lynda "Wonder Woman" Carter totally went off on her in an interview!

Yes, for a moment, I felt sorry for the lying, corrupt, book-banning fundamentalist until I watched last night's first-ever interview she's deigned to allow, in which she doesn't even understand the questions posed to her. Bring on another eight years cause she's George W. Bush in lipstick!

Why not Dolly Parton for VP? If you ever needed more proof that the "backwoods Barbie" is awesome, how about this impromptu performance she gave at the premiere of the "9 to 5" musical (why does this exist, by the way?) after a technical malfunction stopped the show.

Here in Canada, Rabble's Ariel Troster brings us "Three big, gay issues you won’t hear about during this election." What, wasn't Theo Tams being elected "Canadian Idol" enough for you?

Matt Thomas has the gay goings-on at the Toronto International Film Festival covered but here's a weird sidebar story: at a screening last week, the New York Post's Lou Lumenick smacked fellow film critic Roger Ebert with a big festival book. Ebert responded with his usual wit and grace but you just know Siskel would've kicked that guy's ass!

It took 14 years for "Murphy Brown" creator Diane English to get her "Sex and the City"-ish update of George Cukor's classic 1939 comedy "The Women" into theatres today but, by the sounds of it, it'll take me 14 years to want to watch it.

And a great big thank you to US Marine Sgt. Rodolfo 'Rudy' Reyes, who played himself in the HBO Iraq war drama "Generation Kill" and did it naked. Semper Fi!