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I, for one, welcome our feisty new overlords

Hello, gay Torontonians! That’s what you’re calling yourselves now, right? Torontonians? Good.

By now you’ve probably noticed a few teensy little changes here on Toronto Diary. Specifically, after more than a year of tireless blogging, Aubrey Laufer has gone on to greener pastures. So now you’re all stuck with me.

When Matt Mills first offered me the oh-so-cushy gig of blog writer, my mind wandered off to the champagne wishes and caviar dreams that is the blogging lifestyle. But then: HORROR. You see, the internet is a fickle place. One minute, your [coughing/sneezing/laughing] [baby/puppy/kitten/prairie dog] video is the toast of the blagonets, and next thing you know, everyone is watching two girls shart and puke into a cup while everyone on the internet literally tries to hate you to death. That is not a joke: a small contingent of self-righteous film junkies think I’m gay Hitler.

But eff that noise; I took the job anyway. If you’re reading this and your first thought is “Everything is slightly different and I hate you,” well simmer down, teapot. I’m still going to bring you the best that the internet and Toronto have to offer. Just think: Gossip! News! Adorable videos! And contests with prizes! Fabulous prizes! (Note: There will be no prizes. EVER.) Point is, the only thing that’s changed is that there’s a slightly more naked person writing this thing now, and I think we can all agree, a little skin makes almost everything better. Almost

Anyway, as my welcoming gift to you, here’s a video of a dog freaking the f*ck out over a duckling because, you know, tiny adorable animals are a nice way to say hi, right? Exactly!

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