Carrie Prejean
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I just love your new outfit

Man, I wander off for one day and look what I miss!

Carrie Prejean is finally fired for spending more time being Miss Anti-Gay instead of Miss California (but now free to choose between same unemployment and opposite unemployment), while American Idol's Adam Lambert comes out on the cover of Rolling Stone (not as gay — we all knew that already — but as an ophiophile)!

Lambert's not the only one making questionable fashion choices, however — check out the fetching ensemble that got this man arrested:

That's right — this man is going to jail because he makes people feel uncomfortable!  If that were, you know, actual law, Pat Roberton should be on death row for creeping us all out with his latest theory on homosexuality:

For the record, my big gay self went to a Catholic school, where I was beaten by nuns, yet I developed no attraction to lesbian penguins.  So while Robertson gets fitted for a straight jacket, Dan Savage explains why his views are so offensive…to Christians.

While we're talking jailhouse fashion, check out this first photo of Mickey Rourke as the Russian mafia bad guy Whiplash in next summer's 'Iron Man 2' — will he fight Robert Downey Jr. or invite him along to a fetish party?

Other guy dressing in something he's totally unsuited for?  Umm….me.  I've been squeezing myself into spandex for next month's Friends for Life Bike Rally. I and, more importantly, the Toronto PWA Foundation could really use your help.  After all, look at what I'm going through!

But the best change of clothes is no clothes, like in this French TV ad bringing back everyone's favourite naked pole vaulter:

And of course, Ryan Reynolds, who — in a naked attempt to bring you back — I'll talk about tomorrow!

Till then, however, I'll be wearing black to mark the passing of Rick Bébout, one of Toronto's finest gay journalists and historians. Gerald Hannon will be writing a remembrance for Xtra and here's a terrific interview he did with Bébout about his queer philosophy: