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I just nod my head and agree

There's usually no shortage of opinion here on but some days, I can only nod and agree with others.  For instance…

Montreal Simon explains why Stephen Harper is a monster.  Yeah, what he said.

Fans of the tell-it-like-it-is UK teen drama 'Skins' are appalled at plans for an American version. Forget filling the gay part with a teen actor as instantly ideal as Mitch Hewer (below), I can't see MTV going anywhere near the infamous scene where the straight boy gets curious.

But speaking of troubled teens, Defamer gives director Gus Van Sant a dose of tough love as his follow-up to 'Milk' goes back to more angst-ridden kids.  Seriously Gus, even the teens don't care about themselves this much!

All this agreement, however, makes me feel like a lemming!  Isn't there someone I can disagree with (I mean, other than my usual beef with Rush Limbaugh, currently dancing on Ted Kennedy's grave)?

Ah, here comes conservative writer Rod Dreher, musing aloud that gay marriage is a bad idea because "the gays" have a different definition of monogamy than straight people do.  Oh Rod, you ignorant slut.  The meaning is the same, the marriages are the same and the straight and gay people who may wander away from monogamy (for whatever reason) are the same.

I'd be inclined to call Dreher an asshat but, with that unique gay vocabulary of ours, he'd probably think it was a compliment.  We'll just have to agree to disagree.