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I make an UGLY lady

Although I've been feeling SUPER mainstream, I’m still keeping it real from Montreal this week. Holla!

We’re 50% through the competition, and despite wondering if Montreal was going to be the answer to the big “What am I doing with my life” question, I’m pretty happy to say that I miss Vancouver and can’t wait to get back to all the people that make my life what it is.

Today we had a talent challenge — who’s the bigger drag queen? My second time in face definitely gave me mad respect for all the performers I know in Van: Joan-E, Robyn Graves, Jaylene, Raye Sunshine, Isolde N Barron, Miss Cotton, Symone, Carlotta, Connie Smudge, Syren…

I also really miss boyfriend Steve. Sad face. Wilted rose.

Here’s a teaser for Day 4 of the competition. Last night, we competed as a team and performed the Spice Girls' “Stop”… check later today for a full video.

Kisses from Montreal. Thanks for your support and keep voting for Team Vancouver!!!

xx S