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I prefer mature

If desire doesn’t stop at 65, why should an active sex life? Information sources dealing with seniors’ sexuality are rare; gay seniors’ sexuality rarer still. But there are a few places older men and their admirers can go for contacts, support, information and nudie pictures.

• CHIRON RISING. In its call for models, this glossy magazine out of California announces that “no one is too fat or too skinny. And don’t ever say you’re too old. Not for this magazine.” An earnest melange of photos and contact ads submitted by readers. Available at Glad Day Bookshop (598-A Yonge St) and by subscription by calling (760) 868-0328. More info at

• WWW.OLDMEN.COM. A commercial, mostly pornographic site for men attracted by photos of mature male (and sometimes female) bodies. Visitors equipped with Adult Check age verification system (US$20) can look at the pictures, but those seeking to make contacts need to join (US$30 for one year).

• WWW.WANKERS.COM. A commercial site similar to There is less emphasis here on homosexuality and more on the connection between seniors and the joys of masturbation. Photos and, more interestingly, letters by men relating the experiences.

• MATUREFUR.COM. A free site (some merchandise is for sale) by a young Texan named Abraham who loves “polar bears.” A lovingly-rendered temple to grey hair, wrinkles and paunch.