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I want my pink shirt back

Celebrating 10 years of Mean Girls with Mean Boyz

Ten years on and I think it’s safe to say that Mean Girls is a classic. I was watching it with friends just recently and we discussed afterward how the film, released in 2004, does not feel at all dated and is just as funny, clever and quotable as when we first saw it.

It also lives on as one of the most continously quoted and referenced films, at least in my life. One of my favourite Mean Girls IRL memories was listening to a queer girl describe her style as “futch.” When asked what that meant, she explained, “You know, it’s like when you’re both femme and butch."

One of her friends turned to her and said, “Stop trying to make futch happen. It’s not going to happen."

Now YouTube music sensation Todrick Hall reimagines the film as a gay extravaganza. Well, gayer . . .

The YouTube short Mean Boyz, equal parts makeup-heavy, stupid-funny and lovingly flamboyant homage, also features Drag Race lady Willam Belli and noted Britney enthusiast/recent porn performer Chris Crocker . . . as “Fetch” in Wieners, which took me way too long to get.