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I will never let you down

Rita Ora’s newest single, like your ex, will let you down

“I Will Never Let You Down” YouTube

Rita Ora, hypothetical come-to-life lovechild of Beyoncé and Rihanna, has released the video for her newest single, “I Will Never Let You Down,” Beyond spelling out the word you, don’t worry, Rita: you’ve already let me down. But let’s break it down, because sometimes closure, elusive beast though it may be, is always nice to have:

It’s probably never a good sign to open your video with not just the title of your song, but also your name. Baby, it’s okay: we’ll remember who you are someday. (She dated a famous guy once, right?)

How many times has anyone been walking down the street while thinking, “You know, this day is good, but how much better would it be with some hood-rat Daenerys Targaryen backup dancers?” Rita Ora has the answer. Hint: it doesn’t get much better at all.

This video is brought to you by proud sponsors Chanel and copious side-boob.

It also has the illustrious honour of incorporating two personal pet-peeves: a kiss on the camera and a mid-video fashion shoot. No. Stop it.

The song has a catchy ’80s synth-pop hook, but if you’re looking for a different (and better) recent version, check out Betty Who’s “Somebody Loves You.”