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Iceland, a wedding wonderland

LGBT travel and events company makes it easy to get hitched in the Nordic paradise

Images from the Pink Iceland tourist group. Credit: Pink Iceland

Pink Iceland, a gay-owned and -operated LGBT travel and events company, specializes in amazing tours and unforgettable weddings. Same-sex couples have been able to wed legally in Iceland since the “one marriage law for all” was passed unanimously by parliament in 2010. The first couple to tie the knot under the new legislation was Iceland’s then prime minister, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir and her partner, Jónína Leósdóttir.

Pink Iceland takes care of all the paperwork, helps you choose a celebrant or priest, suggests the perfect photographer and scouts a location based on your wishes. They can even design your wedding stationary.
Most of Pink Iceland’s weddings are set in nature, of which there is plenty to choose from. Ceremonies can be arranged in all types of settings, such as a waterfall, in a cave, in a forest, on lava, on a small island, in a geothermal area, in a field, by the sea, up a mountain, by a lake, on a boat, in a helicopter or inside a church, temple, barn, greenhouse or hotel. The possibilities are endless.

Get in touch with Pink Iceland to find out whether an Icelandic wedding might be just the thing for you.