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If you can’t call it a GSA, you’re not really ‘Respecting Differences’

Despite the fact that there are numerous Christians who are pro-gay and support equal rights, for some reason people seem to think that opposing same-sex relationships is a fundamental part of being a Christian. I kind of figured that the only real fundamental part of Christianity was to a) believe in Jesus, and b) follow the golden rule. But that’s just years of Bible study talking. HA! Silly me.

“We’re calling upon Ontario Catholic Trustees to implement ‘respecting difference’ clubs as the responsible solution to bullying in schools,” Teresa Pierre said. The Ontario government passed controversial legislation in early June that allows students to form a gay-straight alliance in public and Catholic schools in an effort to curb bullying. Earlier this year, the Ontario Catholic Trustee Association proposed their own way of dealing with bullying in schools. They said they wanted to create respecting difference clubs, which would still address issues of students who were being bullied, but stayed true to traditional Catholic teachings on sexual behaviour and values. (Via The Observer)

Where to start . . . Okay, first off, if you can’t even say the words “gay,” “lesbian,” “transsexual” or “bisexual,” you’re either not really respecting differences or you happen to have the most oddly specific speech impediment ever.

Second, giving equal rights to people — which does not affect you in any way whatsoever — does not specifically ruin your ability to believe in things. Don’t worry: gay kids can be gayer than five Lady Gagas riding a rainbow unicorn; you’ll still be Christian.

But the thing you’re probably hung up about is the fact that, in this specific instance, what you believe in isn’t necessarily legal. Don’t get me wrong; Christianity at its best is pretty sweet: give unto others, treat people with dignity and respect? Awesome. But right now, you’re not being a Christian, so much as you’re grossed out by gay people and trying to justify that by using one out-of-context Bible verse. Neither of which really holds up to those actual, real Christian fundamentals.

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