Toronto Diary
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I’ll be in my bunk

If you had asked me who I thought would be the first Firefly stud to come out of the closet… Well, actually, I would have guessed the adorkably hunky Sean Maher, and I would have been completely correct in that assessment, although I secretly would have also pulled for Nathan Fillion. You do not get an ass that perfectly round without taking a few dicks.

But who cares! The super cute Sean Maher, who played Simon Tam on my beloved but cancelled Firefly and who stars in the new show (ugh) The Playboy Club, came out in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. I know some might criticize him for taking his time to come out… Meh, I’m okay with waiting for hot pieces. And on the plus side, at least it wasn’t Adam Baldwin, who spent his post-Firefly years getting his crazypants tailored.

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