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I’ll crap a rainbow for a unicorn

Which is pretty much the best photo caption that I've seen for some time. Now check out the photo:

This is courtesy of cycling-site How to Avoid The Bummer Life. That said, if I had a promo budget for Up Your Alley, this is the kind of photo I'd expect to see after a photoshoot.

For the record, I think this happens on Davie Street at the top of the every hour. What intrigues me, however, are the small details: the shaved arms and legs suggest he's a cyclist, the muscley triceps, speedo tan and muscle shirt suggest otherwise. Check out that economy-sized bleach bottle by the pool and now imagine going for a swim in that delicious pool. Mmm…burny. And then, of course, there is the fact that this mystery man's anus is so strong that it has propelled his ginormous rainbow turb into outer space…