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I’m so glad I’m not a lesbian

…or I'd be even more annoyed by this skin-crawlingly stupid conversation between "The View" ladies:

I swear, there are speed bumps smarter than Sherri Shepherd.  But at least these talk show hosts generally mean well.  Rush Limbaugh, however, is just a thug:

Thanks to Rush, I'm now going to try and use 'dyke' in every sentence I can!  Between listening to that kind of crap, enduring witchhunts at the Oprah school or suffering through that "L Word" finale (seriously, what the fuck?), I don't how our dyke friends keep from smacking the first person they see in the morning.

And it's not like the gay boys are helping — see how Israel's out pop star Ivri Lider is earning Katy Perry more royalty money for her unstoppable faux-dyke anthem:

But Nashville singer/songwriter Jen Foster's funny response, "I Didn't Just Kiss Her," shows that the sisters are doing it for themselves, thank you very much. And, in a bit of good news, they're now welcomed out west, as Alberta is about to finally join the 21st century.  Watch Rush's head explode as we now change our national anthem:  "True patriot love/By all our dykes' command!"