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In case you missed it, here’s Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

Because it’s Friday night, I love leather, and this thing is guaranteed to pull in a couple page views from Google, let’s go over the newly released image of Anne Hathaway in her Selena Kyle, aka Catwoman, costume from the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises.

All right, first, a few pros:

  • It’s not Halle Berry’s Catwoman. ‘Nuff said.
  • It’s a leather catsuit that looks sexy, practical and, this may just be an assumption, comfortable.
  • They kept the Catwoman goggles, although they do look a bit spruced up.
  • Looks sleek, stylish and sophisticated, which is a huge step up from Halle’s shredded nightmare thing.
  • Did I mention it’s not Halle Berry’s costume? I feel like I should mention that again.
All right, a few downsides:
  • No protection. Seriously, Batman is a kung fu kajillionaire who’s walking around in what amounts to a wearable tank and Selena Kyle gets… leather. I love leather to death, but it isn’t exactly what I would call… bulletproof. All I’m saying is, if someone’s going to be shooting at me, the least you can do is reinforce it with some Kevlar or something.
  • Not very “catty.” As leatherwear, it’s several kinds of kickass, but there isn’t anything about this that makes me think of a cat.
  • Reminds me of that movie where Halle Berry ruined a perfectly good leather ensemble so she could fight bad guys with cleavage and cat-based puns.
All right, that’s my two cents. What do you think?

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