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IN PHOTOS: Pride, Dyke March leave Ottawa beaming

Improved weather earns smiles all around

Credit: Photo by Pat Croteau.

It was Ottawa’s biggest game of shirts versus skins. Sort of. Unusually warm weather and clear skies meant this year’s Capital Pride parade was hot, hot, hot.

More than 70 groups marched in the annual fete, one of the last big Pride festivals of the summer.

This year’s grand marshal, Glen Crawford of the Village Committee, led the parade, with Village Committee volunteers on foot tagging close behind. They showed off Village street signs, which they’re hoping to get mounted on Bank St poles this fall.

Check out photos of the parade and stay tuned for more.


Dyke March organizers were hoping for nice weather, especially after the drenching downpour of the 2009 festivities.

With sunny weather in the high-20s, attendees were in visibly better spirits than last year. Some 500 women took to the streets, marching up Elgin, Laurier, Bank and Gilmour streets before pouring onto the lawn of the Jack Purcell Community Centre for food and female performers.

The event started at the Canadian Human Rights Monument, where Patrizia Gentile delivered a talk about the ways queer women have resisted state oppression in Canada.

Weren’t able to make it to the party? Have a look at our photo gallery, above.