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In Toronto for Pride? Let us know what you’re up to

If you’re in town and need plans, check out Xtra’s Ultimate Pride Guide for a list of events, parties and hotspots. View the PDF online or pick up a copy at locations in the Village, including Priape and Woody’s.

What are your plans for the weekend? The Parade on July 4? Take Back the Dyke on July 3? Parties? Getting laid?

There’s also the much-hyped Cyndi Lauper concert at Queen’s Park on Saturday, July 3 at 9pm.  

Take a look back at Xtra’s May 2008 cover story on Lauper:

"Even before Pride events and the Gay Games became part of her
appearance schedule in the 1990s, Lauper has always been a vocal
proponent of queer rights — perhaps a logical outgrowth of support for
her lesbian sister. Lauper is passionate about the need to raise queer
rights in the public sphere and knows full well that music is a
unifying force in the world. But the fight south of the border is a
much tougher slog. When asked why, Lauper is honest and direct: “I don’t
know, hon. You could still be fired from your job in 31 states if
you’re suspected of being gay, bisexual or transgendered. So I mean,
things are hard right now. I don’t know what our story is [in America],
but I think… lack of information…? I really don’t know.” (read the full interview

Xtra’s current cover girl, Katie Stelmanis, is set to play Pride Toronto’s Alterna-Queer stage on Sunday, July 4. Check out our interview with her.

However you decide to mark Pride this weekend, have a good one! 

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