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In US, young men who have sex with men hardest hit by HIV

Can PrEP help stem rising infection rates?

Dale Gluth, of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, talks about pre-exposure prophylaxis and why he thinks it is too early to claim victory in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

HIV infections continue to plague the gay community, but Dale Gluth, regional director of the San Francisco Bay–area AIDS Healthcare Foundation, says that young men are bearing the brunt of the blow.

Right now in the US, young men who have sex with men are the population that is being hardest hit by the epidemic, Gluth says.

One might think that Gluth would be ecstatic about the arrival of FDA-approved pre-exposure prophylaxis (PReP) as a prevention strategy for young men, but he is unsure about the drugs efficacy: Our position on the matter is that there is a lot of research that still needs to be done so that we can better understand how to use PrEP effectively.” 

Watch the above video for our complete interview with Gluth. Parts of the interview can also be found in Daily Xtras four-part video special on PrEP.  

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