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Inclusive Grindr, the EU and mostly-straight men

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Grindr to be more inclusive of trans people

In an announcement timed to coincide with the end of Transgender Awareness Week, Grindr says it is updating its app to include more choices of gender identity, and will use gender-neutral language. [Tech Crunch]

EU court case could have broad repercussions

A Romanian couple are arguing in European court that their marriage should be recognized in Romania, even though that country does not recognize same-sex marriage, under the European Union principle of free movement. The case could profoundly change marriage rights for EU citizens in non-equal marriage countries. [Associated Press]

Australian government struggles to implement marriage

With the postal vote giving a resounding ‘yes’ to equal marriage, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull now has the job of making it happen in parliament. As the government takes a week off to discuss the issue, some conservatives are trying to make as much room for religious protections as possible in the bill. [SBS]

Mostly straight

In a new book, Cornell University professor Ritch Savin-Williams argues that among men, “mostly straight” is a distinct sexual orientation, and more common that you might think.

Indonesia’s transgender school

Since 2008, a boarding school in Indonesia has provided a rare haven for transgender Muslims. But amid anti-LGBT backlash, the school is struggling for survival. [The Guardian]