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Informing on your neighbours

Determined to continue their tough-on-crime summer tour, Vic Toews and Jason Kenney have unveiled 32 new “most
wanted” names and faces. These additions to the list are immigrants and refugees who were convicted of crimes in
Canada and are facing deportation. Toews was so impressed by the last round of arrests that he wants to step up his program of Canadians informing on one
another. Doubleplusgood!

Liberal finance critic Scott Brison has
been soliciting questions from Canadians over the Twitter Machine to ask at the finance committee meeting later this morning. Brison wants some answers about
what Flaherty’s plans are if the US goes into another recession. Peggy Nash is
already talking about more infrastructure spending.

Parliamentary wonk @P41Questions has been taking apart the latest Shared Services Canada series of announcements. After examining the enabling orders in council and finding all of the hidden goodies contained therein, he has five questions for Rona Ambrose and another five for Tony Clement.

More than a month after the back-to-work
legislation was passed, the postal union is unhappy with the government’s choice of
arbitrator. Looks as though some of the concerns that came up in the Senate were
well founded after all.

What’s that? The former head of the
Canadian Taxpayers Federation and newly elected Conservative MP John
Williamson is presiding over spending announcements? Isn't that the sort of thing he
railed about in his former job? And isn't that something that is inappropriate for an MP to
do, considering that it’s an MP’s job to act as a watchdog on government spending?
You don’t say! Let me guess – it’s only pork if it’s in someone else’s riding?

Outgoing RCMP Commissioner William Elliott
is heading to a new job at Interpol and says that he learned a lot in his
last job. Like how being an office bully and throwing screaming fits wins him no favours with his staff?

And Stephen Harper has added his voice to that
of several other world leaders in calling for the resignation of Syria’s

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