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International Day Against Homophobia

On May 17, 1990, the World Health Organization removed
homosexuality from its list of mental disorders. Fifteen years after the
historic moment, the first International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) was

Today IDAHO events will be held in 50 countries around the
world, with celebrities, politicians and ordinary people coming forward to show
their support.

Lady Gaga, of course, is leading the pack.

On May 16, the
gay icon acted as guest editor at Metro News in London, England. According to
Metro, Lady Gaga swept into the head office in style — “wearing a strapless bra
with diamante nipple-tassles, tall, pink beehive and even taller platform

The Gaga spent some time at the computer writing her editorial
piece, which began in true Gaga fashion: “Dear monsters, let your identity be your religion."

Her editorial stint came a day after she became the first
person to hit 10 million Twitter followers. Nobody can really top Lady Gaga, but
at least in Europe politicians did stand up in support of IDAHO.

European Union Parliament President Jerzy Buzek declared in
early May that the EU will honour the event and the EU will “live up
to its responsibility” to protect minorities.

“The EU is against discrimination of all kinds, inside
Europe and outside. Homophobia is not an exception. Unfortunately, people
around the world are still persecuted, tortured and even killed,” he said.

Ordinary citizens have also done their thing to stand up for
queer rights. If you want to find out who’s doing what,
visit the IDAHO website. The site has an interactive map that highlights
events around the world — from the Northern hemisphere down to the tip of

In South Africa, rallies were held to highlight the plight
of lesbians threatened and victimized by “corrective rape” and
other human rights abuses in the country and across Africa.

Mr Gay World 2011, Francois Nel, marked the occasion with a video — not quite Lady Gaga, but still, he tried.



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