Coming Out
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International Day Against Homophobia radical queer flashmob volunteer call-out!

Whoa! That was a long title . . . now I'll regurgitate an important call-out to the community:

Attention, tattooed muscle Marys, bulldykes, debaucherous drag queens, effeminate faggots, lipstick lesbians, straight-but-not-narrow allies, attention whores, and all shit-disturbing fudge-packers! 

Today at 6pm, Gay Zone (420 Cooper St) will host a
strategy session around disseminating the ACO's 2012 campaign cards for
International Day Against Homophobia and is seeking volunteers
interested in handing them out as part of a radical queer flashmob!

The group is looking for outgoing, colourful, fun, creative, hard-to-embarrass, not-camera-shy people to take part and help pull this off.

Sounds like your thing? Then just show up. 

The campaign cards — which explore how blatant and internalized
homophobia, racism, transphobia and heteronormativity adversely affect
the health and well-being of Ottawa’s queer community — were created to
help draw links between systemic issues and health outcomes. One
campaign card specifically addresses heterosexual men and women, while
the second, inspired by the Douchebags of Grindr website and the debate triggered by the publishing of Toronto weekly The Grid's cover story "The Dawn of a New Gay" specifically addresses homosexual men. 

I've done my part dissipating the information; now it's your turn.

PS: We are promised light snacks and refreshments. 

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