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International hookups, boxer kisses and bathroom police

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The most popular hookup apps worldwide

For the next time you plan on travelling, BuzzFeed has done us all the favour of collating the world’s most popular hookup apps for gay and straight people. Sure, you’ve heard of Tinder and Grindr, but what about PlanetRomeo and Frim?

British boxer combats homophobia accusations with kisses

A British boxer who became controversial after equating homosexuality to paedophilia has adopted a new tactic to rehabilitate his image: kissing gay men. When an angry gay man confronted Tyson Fury in a Lancashire bar, Fury kissed him on both cheeks, and took a selfie with him. The gay man now says he’s a Fury fan, but not everyone is convinced.

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NBA referee comes out after gay slurs

NBA referee Bill Kennedy has come out as gay in response to a player who hurled gay slurs at him during a game. The player, Sacramento Kings guard Rajon Rondo, has been suspended, while the NBA commissioner praised Kennedy for his 18 years of service as a referee.

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California prepares for “bathroom police” fight

Conservative campaigners in California are working to put an initiative on the ballot that would ban trans people from bathrooms of their choice, and encourage citizens to police their neighbours, with a $4,000 bounty for catching violators. Supporters are taking advantage of record low voter turnout in 2014, which lowers the bar for ballot initiative signatures.

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Cambodian study shows LGBT support is skin-deep

A study of attitudes towards LGBT rights in Cambodia shows that, while many straight people say they support LGBT people, their behaviour to their children is not much different from those who don’t. LGBT rights supporters still mostly said they would try to change their child’s sexual orientation, and would try to persuade their child to marry someone of the opposite sex.

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