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International newsmakers of 2012

A look back at Xtra's global roundup

This past year proved to be a windfall of queer highs and lows, in Canada and around the world.

The relentless pace of social and other media ensured that almost no homophobic or gay-friendly word or deed went unchallenged or unsung.

Their light fell on Russian activists who continued to confront increasing attempts by political and legal authorities to constrict their ability to advance their rights struggle.

It fell on the 23 gay Olympians who competed openly in London’s Summer Games, the event’s highest tally of out athletes on record.

It fell on Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill but also on the African country’s first Pride celebration, held on the shores of Lake Victoria.

It also fell on the Mexican Supreme Court’s ruling in favour of three gay couples in Oaxaca who want to marry, potentially opening the door to the legalization of gay marriage nationwide, and on the rights watershed that the Nov 6 election proved to be for American queers.

Video by Angelina Cantada.