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Introducing Karl Lagerfeld’s three-year-old muse

I was a little creeped out when I discovered this, because I've seen pictures of Mr Lagerfeld's previous "muses" and it's pretty obvious they're prostitutes with six-packs and high cheekbones. Baptiste Giabiconi, anyone? But the fashion icon's latest muse is slightly less jaded. Lagerfeld has been inspired by the son of one of his power bottoms models, Brad Kroenig. Brad is a legendary male fashion model who defies the youth-obsessed nature of fashion and has managed to sustain a career for years. He's passed his good genes on to his adorable three-year-old boy, Hudson Kroenig, who has become as big a fashion sensation as his old man.

"Hudson loves doing pictures with Karl and was so excited to go to Paris for the Fendi shoot. He talked about it for weeks," Brad said of his fashionable mini-me. "Hudson likes to get dressed up, especially in jackets and blazers. He loves accessories and loves to layer items. Scarves are his new favourite."

Oh, dear Lord. It's bad enough when regular parents talk about their stupid kids, but this — this is too much. Even for someone as delicious as Brad Kroenig. (They're always better when they're silent, aren't they?) Apparently layer-loving Hudson can't even spell his own name, but he can accessorize a custom-made Chanel blazer like it's nobody's business!

"Hudson loves to take pictures with Daddy," Brad said. "He looks up to Daddy and thinks it's really cool to participate in special shoots. Hudson always talks about all the 'pretty model girls,' already a ladies' man. I wonder who he takes after . . ."

I'm just surprised Brad was able to take Karl's dick out of his mouth long enough to give this interview! I'm sure Hudson absolutely adores all the anorexic coke-whore models and gay stylists that he meets on set. Forget toys; this Christmas, all that's on his wish list is Gaultier and an eight ball.

He and I have so much in common. 

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