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Irshad Manji on gay-straight alliances

Speaks against Muslim prayer groups in public schools

Irshad Manji is the author of Allah, Liberty and Love: The Courage to Reconcile Faith and Freedom, in which she takes aim at identity politics and the sacred cows of Islam.

In a Sept 28 interview with Xtra, she weighs in on the matter of gay-straight alliances in Ontario’s Catholic schools. “Abolish the separate school system,” she says. She also speaks against the creation of Muslim prayer rooms in public schools. She singles out Toronto’s Valley Park Middle School, which is offering imam-led prayer sessions in a bid to keep Muslim students from skipping classes to attend religious services outside the school.

We’ll have more of our interview online soon. In the meantime, see our piece on Manji from earlier this summer.

Manji will be appearing on Thursday, Sept 29 at 7pm at Norfolk United Church, 75 Norfolk St, Guelph. For more information, click here.