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Is Jenna Talackova taking reality-TV route? Scissor Sisters ask us to dance with them again

Looks like it isn’t over for Jenna Talackova.

Various news organizations announced Wednesday morning that the beauty queen and Miss Universe Canada pageant contestant would soon be starring in her own reality-TV show. But by the afternoon, it was announced that this was not true and that someone had misspoken. During a screening of upcoming shows for Lifetime TV, a clip featuring Talackova was shown. According to the Winnipeg Free Press,"[w]hen a reporter asked if a reality show about the beauty queen was headed to Lifetime, Williams answered ‘yes.’”


The Scissor Sisters launched their latest album, Magic Hour, this week and released a new (and official) single, called “Baby Come Home.”

Personally, I can’t wait for them to come up with a video for “Let’s Have A Kiki." Enjoy!

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