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Is justice served? The case of Dharun Ravi vs Tyler Clementi

In this morning's Long Island Newsday, we find out that Dharun Ravi will receive a one-month jail term for spying on his gay college roommate, Tyler Clementi, who later committed suicide.

I'll abbreviate the background info for you: Dharun and Tyler were randomly assigned a room together at college. Tyler was gay and Dharun didn't like it. One night, Tyler asked for privacy and the other left on his web cam, which he accessed elsewhere in the company of friends — spied on Tyler kissing another boy. The next time Tyler asked for privacy, Dharun tweeted about his web cam and invited others to watch; Tyler committed suicide. It was later revealed that Tyler was accessing Dharun's Twitter account, probably feeling pretty bad about his roommate's actions. 

Dharun Ravi. Photo credit: AP

The article, titled "Dharun Ravi 30-Day Jail Term Splits Legal, Gay Observers," says it all. There comes a point of tension between ethics
and philosophy and law, and it feels to me this is one of them.  

According to the Newsday article: "I do not believe he hated Tyler Clementi," Judge Glen Berman said Monday. "He had no reason to, but I do believe he acted out of colossal insensitivity."

The trial must have been difficult for everyone, no doubt. Do I think Dharun is responsible for the suicide? No. Do I think he might have been a catalyst? That is not for me to say. Do I think he bullied and hurt Tyler? Yes. Do I think he hated him? I don't know. 

I want to know what you think. Is justice served? 

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