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Is Nintendo disabling gay relationships in one of its games?

If you've never heard of Tomodachi Collection: New Life . . . well, don't worry, you're not alone.

The Sims-inspired game for the Nintendo 3DS has been earning a low-key reputation here in North America because it allows players to marry someone of the same-sex. Granted, this feature was actually a bug — gay marriages were strictly man-on-man and could even progress to the point where one of the men could get pregnant — but in a newly released patch, developers are putting a kibosh on gay marriage.

Sadly, it appears that the fun is over. Nintendo released a patch today which it said would correct a handful of technical issues including, according to Kotaku's translation, "human relations that become strange." That is perhaps not the most precise description of same-sex marriage ever and there's been no confirmation yet that it has actually been eliminated, but it seems clear enough that this isn't a torch Nintendo is interested in carrying. [SOURCE]

There is, however, some good news and bad news here: the good news is that since this is only a patch, players don't actually have to download it. The bad news is that refusing to download the patch could leave the game with glitches that make it unplayable. In the meantime, if you really want a game that features gay relationships, maybe consider Mass Effect 3.

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