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Is YouTube’s decision to ban ‘Girl Gone Wild’ homophobic?

Madonna’s music video for the second single off MDNA, “Girl Gone Wild,” is racy, but as she says herself, “How can you go wild and not grind?”

YouTube has decided to make the video 18+, and I can’t help but feel this is homophobic. If the video featured scantily clad women expressing their sexuality as opposed to scantily clad (seemingly) gay men in heels, would this even be an issue?

It’s like after Adam Lambert’s 2010 American Music Awards performance, when ABC News blurred the image of him kissing one of his male band members, and on the same screen showed Madonna and Britney Spears kissing at the VMAs, totally uncensored. 

I think it’s twisted that media outlets like ABC or YouTube get to decide what kind of sexual expression is acceptable. Why is it okay to have a rap artist glorifying gun violence, greed and male-dominated sexuality by having a “ho” barely wearing a G-string shaking her ass and being objectified, but it isn’t okay to see men dancing and kissing each other? The original version of “Girl Gone Wild” features no nudity, and the sexuality it depicts is no more vulgar than what is seen in 90 percent of music videos. The only difference is that it’s gay, and YouTube has decided for the rest of us that isn’t okay.