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Isolde N. Barron – Entertainer of the Year

Every once in a while, I get to see a performance so amazing it makes me cry. Not because I'm sad, per se, but because it is so terrifyingly amazing that my body more or less freaks out and processes it in tears. Yes. I am a big girl's blouse. But I'm okay with it.

The Entertainer of the Year finals took place on Saturday, Jan 30th at The Odyssey and raised over $1,700 for Dogwood Monarch Society-supported charities. The calibre of talent was incredible, and Odyssey was actually packed at 8:30pm when the show kicked off. After nearly two years of covering events in Vancouver, I have to say that I was EXTREMELY impressed by both the turnout and the performances. 

But there was one clear winner on Saturday, and that was my friend Isolde. Something magical happens when a real performer nails their performance (hence the tears). Backed by a nine-person choir, her gospel-revival drag number had me grinning like an idiot and stomping and clapping and praise-handing the entire time. She transcends drag, and the energy that ripped through the room while she was doing her thing… it was the same kind of feeling you get in an arena tour by your favourite pop star. This video doesn't do it justice, though I'm glad someone iPhoned it:

Congratulations, Isolde! Part of her prize is a residency at the O. Make sure you stop and see one of her shows. Prepare to be amazed.

And I think we have another star in the making. Mantra's opener for the night was definitely worthy of the runner-up position.

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