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Italy: Love It or Leave It at Bloor Hot Docs Cinema

Handsome couple the toast of the festival circuit

Italy: Love it or Leave It.
Italy: Love It or Leave Ita documentary by Luca Ragazzi and Gustav Hofer, is screening at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema until Jan 31. 

The film follows the couple as they search for a home outside their native Italy, which seems destined to retain its homophobic ways. 

“Every day when you open your newspaper, you read the government saying something homophobic, a new law against immigrants,” Hofer said in an interview while the two were in Toronto for the Hot Docs Festival in May 2012. “You see all this and you ask yourself, What am I doing here?”
The film has screened at festivals around the world and won the Best Film Audience Award at the Milano Film Festival. The couple’s last documentary, Suddenly Last Winter, looked at the dismal state of gay rights in Italy.
Below is the video interview we did with Ragazzi and Hofer when they were in Toronto.