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It’s a beautiful day for a culture war

BY NATASHA BARSOTTI – Either Core Issues Trust and its
gay therapy boss Mike Davidson didn't get Alan Chambers'
(of Exodus International) memo that 99.9 percent of gays don't change their homosexual stripes or the
Trust and Davidson are just clingy and want to hold on to the .1
percent that — apparently — do.

Or maybe the anti-gays have rejigged their therapy process,
found a way to blast that dominant gay protein out of the het protein's way
(have you noticed that proteins are increasingly getting a bad rap in studies these
days?), and voilà — straight city for all.

Otherwise, how to explain the Christian group's
bravado-infused, prospective London-bus ad campaign: Not Gay! Ex-Gay, Post-Gay
and Proud.

But ignored memos and unproven protein conspiracies
aside, London Mayor Boris Johnson is having none of it and put a pin in Core
Issues' ex-gay bubble.

But . . . the potential.

Picture it. Culture Wars in transit. Olympic Summer Games

Trafalgar Square: Double-decker Bus A rolls by, boasting
Some People Are Gay, Get Over It! Bus B crosses its path, declaiming: Nuh-uh!
You get over it!

Then . . . boa and Bible bust-up under Lord Nelson's statue.
And on to Starbucks for a post-joust java. Except, of course, for the Bus B
homophobes who are still boycotting the coffee king for having the beans to be same–sex–marriage–friendly.

Imagine that one-sided conversation:

Awww!!! No Grande Mocha for you? But here, browse The
at least. Ummm . . . did you see the story about the Anglican priest who
said Jesus might be gay
? In his Good Friday sermon, no less!

And . . . He – God, that is — might have had a thing for John. The disciple from The Last Supper,
that is.

Read and weep, not-gayers.

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