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It’s a bird, it’s a plane…No, it’s SuperGay!

“A news hero is about to be born. Help our scientist turn
into the greater superhero of all modern times: SuperGay.”

That’s the hook for the new iTunes app — a video game with a
new gay superhero. The game has everything including evil masterminds, a
top-secret conspiracy to take over the world, a cloning machine, family secrets
and a homo hero.

A fun article on the Australian website, samesame.com,
reviews SuperGay & the Attack of His Ex-girlfriends, the game play, storyline and visuals.

SuperGay is the first gay-game to come on the market. It was
released on June 28, by Klicrainbow in Barcelona.

Inspired by the comic books,
SuperGay takes the player on a unique adventure “through a motion comic

We are
introduced to Dr. Tom Palmer, an idealistic
scientist of the Genetic Corp. Company, who works with his father-in-law, Dr. Arnold Himmler and the beautiful Ilsa Himmler, his

Palmer develops a cloning
project for humanitarian purposes. But, behind his back, his father in law and
fiancée negotiate lucrative contracts with international leaders to sell their
work for military purposes.

When Palmer
finds it out it seems too late. Unhappy with his personal life, and betrayed in
his career, he needs an escape. Lucky for him, a failed experiment grants him
new super powers and opens the door to his last chance. Palmer will have to
stop his jilted ex-girlfriend Ilsa to attempt revenge, which may result in a
truly global nuclear war.

Is this news?
No, but it’s a fun look at the lighter side of life.
Besides, it’s the weekend and what’s more fun than playing around with your own superhero?

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