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It’s a Halloween fling

Costume changes and batty parties

Halloween is a time for costume changes and fang-tastical parties, and this year will be no exception. Batty times await those who want to worship the pagan holiday at the annual Witches Gathering, dance with hot queers at the Certain Sort Halloween bash, or solve a mystery at HallowQueen4.

On Sat, Oct 30, the 12th annual Witches Gathering Charity Ball will be celebrated at Mavericks on Rideau St. Organizers invite guests to bring in the pagan new year in true sorcerous style — with a wiccan ritual and the chance to wear your pointiest hat.

For those wanting a cozier cave to show off their “wigs, fangs, cleavage and spats,” the place to be is the second annual Certain Sort Halloween bash at the Raw Sugar Café in Chinatown. It is going to be an evening filled with dancing, costume contests and, of course, a host of hot queers.

If you cannot get enough of Halloween, on Sun, Oct 31 it’s HallowQueen4, hosted by Glenn Crawford of the Village Committee at Saw Gallery.

Hallow Queen returns after a one-year hiatus, and, according to Crawford, it’s a party that will rock your world or scare you out of your wits. The evening features fortune-tellers, tarot-card readers and a murder mystery.

“It is going to be interactive; people are going to be able to look at clues that are dispersed around the room as well as interview the suspects, who will be somewhat mysterious,” says Crawford.