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It’s beginning to look a lot like . . . the new year?


It’s that time of year, isn’t it?

It’s the time where people make lists and remember things.

But here you will find no lists, no resolutions, no promises. To do so once a year is a little contrite, don’t you think? I’m not saying this to be some sort of New Year’s grinch, hobbling out the end of the year on some sad-sack note. No, I’m saying this because I think it’s just as important to do those things at any time of the year.

Yes, I will go to the gym, not because of a resolution, but because I want to be healthy. Running on a treadmill may seem like psychological torture to some, but I see it as training for my body and mind, to see how far I can push myself. Yes, I didn’t go for almost a month, but what’s done is done. I just have to look at my jean size to remind me why I need to go.

Yes, I will make lists of things to do, and I will do them. But I will not make them too long, or unrealistic. I will leave room for myself because I know I will not always accomplish everything. Things happen. Life happens. And why should I beat myself up when life happens? That’s like eating a spoonful of salt and being shocked that your entire mouth has shrivelled.

Yes, it’s easy to do (or not do) all these things. But we do them when we can, in the way we can. If we only do them on the first day, or the first week, or the first month of a new year, then are we really doing them?

I guess I lied. There is a list here. And maybe there is a promise. But if there is either of those things, it’s because I started doing them a few weeks ago, or a few months ago, not because the calendar turned or someone sang “Auld Lang Syne.” I do them because if I don’t, no one else will.

So here’s to us, doing what we do. I’ll see you at the gym, crossing off items on your to-do list. Hopefully, we won’t beat ourselves up too badly if we only did 3K on the treadmill.

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