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It’s finally safe to Grindr again

BY ROB SALERNO – Last month I reported that Grindr had been hacked by an Australian who figured out how to access any user’s profile and then created a website that posted users’ pics, profiles and favourites and allowed them to be impersonated.

It’s a pretty serious breach, particularly if you’re the sort of Grindr user ("grinder"? “Grindr-er"?) who’s on the DL and married but sending face pics to any torso that promises to give your hungry hole a good pounding (you know who you are). 

Well, Grindr has finally announced that it’s fixed the breach and launched a new mandatory update to the application. You can download the update from the Grindr website or your app store. You’ll also be forced to update when you attempt to use Grindr. 

Grindr launched the update earlier in the week but didn’t announce it until all the bugs were worked out. The first couple of days were lousy with crashes. I mean, I heard from friends that it was crashing all the time. 

As a bonus, the update to Grindr Xtra (the paid service that adds a bunch of features and lets you see more men in your immediate area) now allows you to see up to 300 men, an addition of 100 to the old version.

Anyway, this whole episode should serve as a reminder that absolutely nothing is private and secure on the internet. Especially if you happen to be a conservative politician.

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